Yoga For American Soldiers
Yoga for Veterans & Service Members

Every 80 minutes a U-S veteran commits suicide. Every single day an active duty soldier takes his/her own life.

Yoga Across America’s initiative, “Yoga for American Soldiers,” is saving lives and healing the wounds our soldiers are returning home with from war. YAA is sharing yoga, meditation and breathing exercises to active duty soldiers and veterans. We are reaching out to all branches of the military, teaching yoga to hundreds of troops.

“Yoga gave me faith that my body has more power than I believed it had.It gives me freedom to believe in myself,” states Tim Taylor, Army Specialist and Wounded Warrior, Afghanistan.

Soldiers are experiencing healing, inspiration and possibility through practicing yoga with YAA. They tell us they enjoy the practice and would like more yoga in their lives.

“Yoga is one of the most powerful exercises I’ve ever done. I was afraid to do it the first time I did it. But after I finished, I was in such a relaxed state of mind that I didn’t want to quit. I wanted to just drift off into that moment, because I don’t get those moments very often,” says Sgt. Rob Boyce, Wounded Warrior
Everyone on our Yoga Across America team is grateful for your support, and the opportunity to serve those who serve.

YAA supporters, please check out B.A.G.H.D.A.D. Yoga written by Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran and Registered Yoga Teacher Michele Spencer

Yoga Across America Military Ambassador LTC Michele Spencer:

LTC Spencer penned and self-published inspirational war memoir 'B.A.G.H.D.A.D. Yoga A Shift in Consciousness: Fear to Love, War to Peace.' As an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, Michele’s story/journey shares the spiritual principles and holistic mind-body practices that guided her through the combat stressors of war abroad and that have given her the courage to SHOW-UP, lead a life of SERVICE as an agent of change at home and SHINE!